What will I miss most from the UK?

eBay  How the hell is it not in SA yet?!  I buy almost everything you could ever imagine on there – and also sell quite a lot of unwanted junk too.  There’s an alternative over there, but it ‘s sure not eBay.  *Sob

Amazon  Anything you can’t buy on eBay you buy on Amazon.  ‘nuff said.  Also, with my kindle I need an Amazon account, so I have annoyingly had to leave money in a UK bank account just to purchase books.  I read a LOT of books!

Internet shopping in general  I’m a discount whore and love to get things 22p cheaper than I could have got it somewhere else.  I hear that internet shopping just hasn’t caught on in SA like it does here, with a large reason being the unreliable postal service.  Pass me the Rescue Remedy now

Sweet popcorn  I LOVE going to watch the latest movie out, whilst munching on a huge bag of warm, sweet popcorn.  So big that you are sure that you won’t finish it, but somehow as the opening credits roll you are already dangerously close to the bottom of the bag.  Every time that I have been to the cinema in SA I have been subjected to plain popcorn which you then shake your flavour over.  Cheese and Onion, Biltong and Curry amongst some of the flavours on offer.  Hmmmmm

Public Transport  I never thought I would miss anything about the tube, tram, bus, dlr or train.  I always took it for granted that we can safely travel across the city in no time or get trollied and then get home without having to worry about anything.  In Joburg there is no real public transport, apart from the very new Gautrain which although I have heard great things about is not going to be much use to me

My salary!  I won’t have a job to arrive to in SA, and then have to find a company that is willing to sponsor me – I may end up not working at all!  I will miss being able to purchase whatever fantastical beauty product to eradicate signs of aging/fading/putting on weight etc.  Rob has assured me I can still feed my beauty product vice, but I just don’t feel comfortable spending his hard earned Rand on such things.  I am going to find it really difficult to be a “kept” woman

Sky Plus  I love this concept, and whilst I am pretty certain there will be an alternative in SA, I am also pretty certain that the channels and programs that I love to watch here will not be available out there.  Because that is the kind of thing that usually happens to me.  Online streaming doesn’t sound like it is a real alternative either as the internet is too slow.  Bum

Family and friends  It goes without saying that I will miss all of these guys – I have some pretty special people in my life at the moment.  Thankfully it is ridiculously easy to stay in touch with all the technology that we have at our disposal.  Although I am really looking forward to making some new friends in SA

Boots Reward card  Does another loyalty card program exist that is such good value and you get so much back?  I would rather lose my annual travel card than my Boots card.  I must get £100’s worth of free products a year with this scheme.  Which is good because I have already spent £100’s in that very shop!  They do of course have other similar schemes in SA but I doubt any are as rewarding.  I heart Boots loyalty program!

Crisp mornings  I really am going to miss that crisp, clean morning that you only get in a cold country like the UK!  They obviously have cooler weather in SA during the colder months, but I’m not sure if it is going to be the same as opening your front door and instantly waking up as that cold air hits you.  Also that chill is a number one hang over cure.  I will die with a hangover in the heat.  It is half the reason that I rarely drink on hot holidays.  Something tells me that I am just going to have to suck it up and get used to it.  Or be Rob’s designated driver……..

Galaxy chocolate  The chocolate just doesn’t taste the same in SA – it tastes fake and sweet like chocolate in Oz.  Maybe they have the added ingredient that keeps it from melting so quickly.  Not an ingredient required in wet and cold England.  This could be good for my waistline!

East London  I’m currently completely in love with this area in London.  It’s funky, quirky, interesting and individual.  There is a predominantly Asian community in a lot of the boroughs here, and the food smells drifting around play havoc with my waistline as I simply can’t resist.  I’ve eaten more curry in the last year than I have in my entire life!  We are moving to a similarly urban area in Jo’burg as we are just not ready to let go of the lifestyle that we currently have


4 thoughts on “What will I miss most from the UK?

  1. In SA there’s Gumtree.co.za which is quite popular; I bought and sold furniture and found a great place to live via the site. This is owned by eBay… close enough?!
    Books: http://www.exclus1ves.co.za is quite a decent online bookshop, they deliver free. Search deep and you’ll find they have the US/UK editions of books that are much cheaper than what’s in their own real shops. Subscribe to Zappon.co.za, as Exclusives sometimes has handy half-price book vouchers; I’ve bought R200-of-books-for-R100 deals several times.
    Public transport: it’s not completely hopeless. Bus 67 goes from Melville Boulevard via 7th street to Ghandi Square in the city centre about 10 times a day for under R10; on time in my experience. By the end of the year the new BRT bus line from Melville to the city centre will open (this one links to the Gautrain station at Park Station).
    East London – try Fordsburg on a Friday night… curries, biryani, idli, dosa, fresh cane juice, sweetmeats… all hot, fresh and authentic.

    • Hi Jeroen, thanks for reading. I’ve used Gumtree extensively for this move – sold a lot of stuff in the UK and bought a lot of stuff here! I didn’t know that it was owned by ebay though – interesting! I’ve not taken the bus since I’ve been here, but now I’ve almost settled in kitting the house out etc I definitely have time. I do love going on little adventures, no matter how small! thanks for the heads up about Fordsburg – I will DEFINITELY be trying that out. I sampled a curry at a curry house around the corner in Melville and was less than impressed!

  2. Oh, and we do get cool crisp mornings here in Joburg – the problem is that these start inside your house before you even get outside! Tip – get your gas heater/s and 2-3 refillable 9kg gas bottles well before next winter starts as they often run out when the cold hits (see also Sine’s blog on this topic).

    • oh yes, I have definitely been experiencing these cold mornings (and evenings some nights!) here. I really intended to go to the gym really early to do the classes, but I can’t bring myself to get out of the bed when it is that cold. I had taken heed of Sine’s warnings and will buy a heater on Gumtree very soon and just keep it in the garage. I like to be organised!

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