High blood pressure alert!

I think I am probably about to go into cardiac arrest.  Some extremely bad news today – the South African High Commission in the UK do not accept the paperwork that I need to apply for my visa.  Even though that was the advice that we received from Rob’s company in SA.  Although, apparently in SA the documents that we have are sufficient.  ARGH!!!  I have just experienced my first taster of the South African bureaucracy issues that I have read so much about!

Cue complete breakdown, although as the true PA that I am, I am  rolling with the punches and going about my business as if I am not shit scared that I don’t have a visa to stay in the country that I am moving to!

All of my things have been shipped, the cats flights are booked, we have agreed to rent a place already and Rob leaves in 2 weeks – me in 4.

The only thing for me to do is to go there on a 3 month tourist visa and apply to stay whilst I am there.  Although, fingers crossed, we shouldn’t have any problems with the application – I have had every test under the sun to fulfil their requirements.  Watch this space!


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