Midas and Lulu are all set!

I laugh every time I see them, but they finally have their precious passports .  They are valid for countries that are signed up to the Pet Travel Scheme which of course, South Africa isn’t.

We were facing the prospect of flying the cats home via Europe as long as their rabies jab was valid (3 years) in order to avoid  6 months quarantine upon arrival in the UK, hence the need for the passports.  Luckily, the rules for the UK change on January 1 2012 when the UK brings its rules into line with the EU and the kitties will be allowed back in, subject to vaccinations and the required paperwork without quarantine.  Cue jumps for joy!

It’s been a rather stress free process – they had rabies jabs, a blood test 4 weeks later, with the results back 3 weeks after that.  It was as simple as that, although I know the cost of the passport itself differs greatly according to the veterinary practice that you use.  Ours was pretty inexpensive at £170 each for all tests etc, but my old vet charges £400 each!  For exactly the same procedure! Ouch.

We were very lucky and found a great pet travel agent to deal with the whole process for us.  Pet Air UK were recommended to us by our vet.  They offer such a fantastic package and we were shocked at the price that they charge – half of what we expected to pay.

The pampered kitties fly in a double crate sprayed with calming pheromones, similar to Feliway which is something of a religion in our house as we move so often.  They are also flying British Airways!  I bet even I don’t get to fly BA!


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