and they’re off……

Midas waiting patiently for Lulu to decide which side she preferred. The Andrex did not go with them……

It was a BIG day yesterday.  Pet Air UK arrived bright and early to pick up the cats.  Cue tears.  Not from the cats – they were happy as Larry with their new crate – but I had a very wet face!  They will fly on Friday and will stay at the kennel until then.  I miss them already!

Then we checked out of our flat, which involved me frantically cleaning, with Rob’s mum very helpfully chipping in and Rob skiving doing last-minute things he should have finished already.

Then I almost blow a gasket as Rob has dry cleaning still at the shop 30 minutes away and has not arranged currency, we are running an hour behind, and my whole body is in major pain after attending Bootcamp Pilates (and maybe due to having a little too much to drink at a farewell dinner with friends the night before).  No better option but to divide and conquer, so we split the outstanding chores and go our separate ways.

Us at the airport

A few hours later, and with money and trousers safely in hand, I meet Rob and his mum for a lovely lunch at Quaglino’s.  If you are ever in Central London and want great food with great service then you should check this place out – not far from the Ritz and Piccadilly Circus and they have a very reasonably priced set menu.  It’s been around a long time, but looks far from tired and is still hugely successful, despite not being on a main road.  I was so inappropriately dressed for such a lovely place but no one batted an eye lid, and the service was really, really good.

Finally, back to the car and off to the airport we go, with me squished into a tiny space suitable only for a back pack.  We thankfully get to the airport in good time.  Which is lucky, as BA are not sharing Rob’s total luggage allowance between cases and each individual bag has to be 23kg.  I then became the person I thought that I would never, ever be – the one repacking cases at the check in desk.  Luckily for us we worked some magic and the cases were accepted, with time for a relaxing drink before Rob headed off through security.  (I have since heard that the plane left on time, Rob only slept for 2 hours on the plane and has arrived in Jozi exhausted but happy).

Rob and his mum

Huge thanks to Rob’s mum Angela for helping us out so much during the day and getting us to the airport on time.  We couldn’t have done it without her.

Moral of the story is never assume that your other half is as organised as you think that they are, always use the electronic scale that is in your handbag, and always remember that you might actually need to take some money with you


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