Three Cups of Tea

I’ve just finished reading such a great book!  I’ve had a hard time finding anything interesting to read recently after exhausting Amazon’s recommendations for me until I found this one.

I’m not going to give too much away as I hate it when I know the outline of a story before reading (I love discovering it as the book goes on) but this is a true story and the people featured in this book are truly an inspiration.  It goes to show that one person can make such a positive difference to others lives, and I think that we should all try to find it within ourselves to be more altruistic.

I use a Kindle so I purchased this book from Amazon but you can buy it in many different outlets, and no doubt rent it from the library.  I really would suggest you read it – I’ve just downloaded the next book about Greg Mortenson’s personal journey so will end this post here as I’m off for a little read!


4 thoughts on “Three Cups of Tea

  1. Martina – I think we have a lot of the same tastes! I loved that book, maybe even wrote an Amazon review about it a long time back which I usually never do, and I think it is especially pertinent when you’re moving to Africa, as this is the place you’ll encounter people who need your help the most, and who will also often be pretty unabashed asking you for it. What is it your husband does here? I read something about Healthcare…

    • BOYFRIEND! haha – he would have a slight heart attack otherwise! He is a consultant working for a big advisory firm, and he specialises in healthcare. He is here to advise the government on their proposed free healthcare service as we have one in the UK. It is going to be a very difficult but extremely interesting role for him, so definitely not an opportunity he could miss

      I have just downloaded Stones into Schools which is Greg’s next story, but I also found another book called Three Cups of Deceit written by John Krakauer who was one of the initial investors. I’ve not read it yet, but have downloaded just to see what his view is. I’ll let you know!

  2. Yes please, I’d love to hear that side. All that publicity about him maybe not telling the truth definitely put a damper on the whole thing, which is unfortunate because I think he has done so much good. I tend to think it’s like a lot of charity work that you start from scratch, you just don’t do so well keeping track and it soon grows over your head, and maybe you exaggerate a story or two. Made me just create a new bank account and the mother of all spreadsheets to keep track of my Alexandra Baseball project (which is tiny) because my husband insists the money trail must be very transparent. Ugh – not my strength…

  3. Maybe you’ll find something for your one book a month project on my Books page, I’ve listed and reviewed a lot of Africa books and still working on it, there is so much. One of my favorite ones was Mukiwa…

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