The bird has landed

The last week has passed in an absolute blur.  On top of the craziness of my last week in the UK, I got really, really sick.  I’m run down from all the leaving dinners/drinks I think, and on top of that I had really bad side effects from my rabies vaccination.  On the day that I was due to fly I thought that I was going to have to forfeit the flight and rebook for another day!  Luckily anti-nausea pills saved the day to make me feel like I could get on the flight without showing everyone on there what I had eaten for breakfast!

Rob’s mum picked me up nice and early to take me to the airport, which I was very glad about as I couldn’t have rushed about feeling as bad as I did.  Sod’s Law meant that my last day in the UK was hot and sunny, instead of the grey misery that it has been in the last few weeks.  When we got to the Virgin Atlantic check out desk I was informed that they may not be able to check me in as Rob’s company had booked my flights as returning in 91 days, instead of the 90 days that I am allowed to stay on my tourist visa.  Sigh.

Luckily they let me on the flight, as long as I promised that I would sort out my return flight when I arrived in SA.  I couldn’t be bothered to explain the whole visa application process to them.  Angela and I ate in a rather questionable “restaurant” in the terminal, and then it was time for me to depart.  A quick stop at Chanel for some cosmetics/retail therapy and off to the gate I went.  A rather stress free airport experience, thank goodness.

Up until this point I really haven’t felt any emotion but excitement about the move.  It hasn’t really felt real at all – more like I am going on holiday.  Well, this was until I got to the departure gate.  The enormity of what I was doing hit me like a sledgehammer and  the tears started to flow.  A few snotty phone calls to family members later with lots of promises of Skype and I was ready to fly.  Kind of.

The flight was pretty bog standard.  It’s the first time I’ve flown on my own so I actually got the window seat for once.  It was a night flight and I could not believe how beautiful the landscape was in the dark, with all the lights from the houses, street and motorists twinkling away.  Who knew that there was any beauty in Hounslow and surrounds?!

The entertainment system didn’t work for the first 90 minutes and the food was mediocre at best (I usually LOVE airline food!  Sick, I know), but I managed to pass 11 hours by watching 2 films, read a bit of my book and managed to sleep for 4.5 hours.  Before I knew it I was lugging my enormous amount of luggage through the terminal and there was Rob’s face waiting for me.

We went straight from the airport to a house sale to buy some furniture (more about that later) and then home it was to see the cats and have a nap.  They were a but uninterested at first, but after the first few hours they accepted me back into their furry little lives, and Midas has been glued to my side since.   This made for a very hot night in bed last night with his furry little body pressed against mine, but I missed him so much that I only found it in my heart to kick him out of bed twice.  I wonder how long that will last for!


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