Hi ho, hi ho, back to the gym I go

This is pretty disgusting actually! No diets either….

Anyone that knew me when I was a teenager and in my early twenties knows that I was stick thin and ate like a horse.  I didn’t even contemplate exercise as I thought that it would make me disappear.  I actually hated being that thin but nothing seemed to work to put on the pounds.

Then along came my mid-twenties and I noticed that if I stood sideways you could actually see me.  At 28  my metabolism ground to a halt.  All of a sudden I sniff a piece of cake and put on 2 kg’s.  Thing is, I don’t know how to eat in moderation as for years I didn’t have to, so I eat that piece of cake quickly followed by two more pieces!

Action had to be taken, and as Rob is such a gym bunny it inspired me to join a gym.  I joined one near my work that offered great group classes and I started to go 3 or 4 times a week at lunchtime.  I actually started to get into it and couldn’t believe the effect it had on my bad bits. Then I decided to move to SA, and what with the 101 things that I had to do before I left, and the 101 people that I needed to see, I didn’t have time to make it to the gym.  It’s now been about 2 months and things are starting to wobble!

I looked around whilst in London and could find that there are two big gym providers in Jozi – Virgin Active and Planet Fitness.  A quick Google showed that there isn’t either of these close to Melville and I would have to drive to Melrose Arch.  A 20 minute drive in no traffic, which we all know is not the case in Jozi!  I added gym sign up to my to do list and promptly forgot about it.

On my first day in SA I was walking in our local mall and saw that a Virgin Active is opening up in Milpark – a 5 minute drive from my house (in no traffic).  It’s also on the way to work for Rob. Hooray!  We checked out the club yesterday and it is stunning!  Lots and lots of machines, all brand new, with a pool and group exercise studios.  We were shown around by Lebohang, who was so friendly and helpful.  She didn’t rush us at all, even though she was due to finish work.  We decided to join up then and there as it is such a lovely gym.  We were shocked at how cheap it was.  R299 each a month, which is £24!  In London I paid £80 a month for Virgin Active, and we were expecting it to be about R450 here.  Result!

Lebohang was amazing – I haven’t got my passport with me as it is at the embassy whilst I apply for my visa.  You cannot do anything in SA without an SA ID or a passport, but she managed to make it happen for me and I’m now a bona fide member of Virgin Active Milpark.

For anyone based in or around Melville, or anyone that works on Empire Road and surrounds, the new gym is so convenient as there are no others nearby.  Plus you really do get a lot for your money.  Go check it out.  Make sure you ask for Lebohang as she will really look after you – tell her I referred you and you will get goodies!  There were no rucksack’s left for new members but she magicked 2 up for us – thanks Lebohang!

I really hate to exercise, but I am looking forward to starting at this club – everything is so new and shiny!

If you want to make an appointment with Lebohang before you go down so there is no waiting around, contact her on lebohang.molaba@virginactive.co.za or 083 410 3678.  You can just ask for her at the desk if you pop in unannounced.  She will really look after you and make the process as painless as possible.  She’s great!

If you do join and whilst you are there you see a sweaty, red faced chick collapsed next to the treadmill give me a wave!


2 thoughts on “Hi ho, hi ho, back to the gym I go

  1. Hey Martina, congrats on getting gym’d up. I didn’t realize the Virgin Active in Milpark was open already. Looks really cool. Perfect spot too, because you can go over to 44 Stanley for a coffee or lunch after working out.

    If you’re interested in some extra workouts, my friends and I do a little ‘boot camp’ class down at the community centre across from from Service Station in Melville three mornings a week. (I am also a workout nut.) Let me know if you’re interested in checking it out.

    • It was an easy decision to join but I still haven’t had time to work out! I’m intending to start going next week, although Rob is there right now. I had to choose to blog over exercise! I will definitely check out the boot camp class as soon as I have a normal level of fitness again. Right now I’d probably collapse as soon as I arrive

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