What do people eat in SA?

I’ve been asked quite a few times just what we are eating here in SA.  We haven’t had any pots and pans for a week as our shipping arrives tomorrow so we have had to eat out at every meal (sounds great but it has become a bit much).

I haven’t had time to blog about the individual restaurants that we have been to but I will as soon as we have time – some of these places are awesome.  Even the fast food is great here if you go to the right place

Fast food take away from Fish Away, which is the seafood equivalent of a burger bar. Not bad huh? I love the fish shaped carton

Among the rarer offerings are Springbok pie, Kingklip, Nile Perch and biltong.  Less rare are delicious pizza’s,  lamb shank, burgers, lamb chops, sushi, a LOT of avocado and a very average curry.

Eating out in Joburg is much cheaper than in London, and the food has mostly been delicious.   As you can imagine the menu’s are full of fresh fish and meat.  I really do need to get back in that gym if want to continue eating like this!


4 thoughts on “What do people eat in SA?

    • It does huh?! It’s literally a drive up kiosk for fast food. We were impressed. I just had a look at your blog and it’s great – the pumpkin cheesecake is something that I need in my life!

    • I’ve had a blog post about Odd waiting in the wings! You have just prompted me to finish it off and publish it! I’ve been to Fresh Earth in Emmarentia – is that the same one? I will definitely check out Ann Vovotelo – we went to the opening of Raw last night at 44 Stanley and it was great. Thanks for the tips!

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