Night Time is the Right Time

**I apologise for dark photo’s.  I need a new flash for my camera.  Donations welcome**

So here I go, flouting the “rules” again.  You are meant to stay out of the CBD, and driving through it I can see why.  It’s a very urban, gritty place and there are not many white faces to be seen.  I can’t wait to visit properly, do some research and write a post about the area once I have experienced it for myself.  It is being regenerated so exciting things popping up all over the place here.

For now, I’d like to tell you about an awesome night out we had in the CBD at Market On Main’s Night Market.  Arts on Main is a commercial, retail, residential and studio space on Main Street.  It’s a very funky, cool place to be and every Sunday they host Market on Main.  It’s this awesome little market full of stalls offering vintage clothing, fresh produce, delicious hot meals, art and eclectic jewellery stalls.  On the first Thursday of every month they host the market during the evening 7pm-11pm.  It rocks!

It’s in a quite deserted and run down area, but we managed to park in front of the entrance so wasn’t too nervous.  There were so many people around that we had no need to be worried – this place is really busy, and there are many parking attendants around too.

The market is reminiscent of Spitalfields Market in London, but with a more romantic feel as it is softly lit with fairy lights.  It also has a much more local feel about it.  The stall owners here have all produced their own goods that they are selling.

Cheese and vintage clothing.  Two of my favourite things!

I had to have the lemon meringue.  I had some in the car on the way home and some for breakfast just now (don’t judge!)

These cupcakes are savoury!  If you look you can see brie on the top of one.  I don’t remember the flavours as I was more interested in the sweet stuff, but I know one had basil and tomato and that topping is cream cheese.

Rob spent time during his gap year in Ethiopia and was overjoyed to find a stall selling Ethiopian food.  The platter above has a little bit of everything on offer, and that white stuff is actually injera, which is a bread that you use to scoop up the food with.  No cutlery here!

There weren’t many tables, but blankets on the floor under the trees (which was awesome!).  Kassa, the stall owner was such a great guy and told us that he makes all of the food himself, and has made a lot of the dishes  milder to suit the palate here.  In Ethiopia the food is so spicy it will blow your head off, as Rob knows all too well.   Kassa is from Addis Ababa so cooks really authentic, delicious food and he is opening an Ethiopian restaurant in November called Little Addis on the corner of Fox Street and Kruger Street.  The food at the market was so yummy that we will definitely be visiting Kassa’s restaurant.

I read about the I was Shot in Joburg project on Nothing to do in Joburg Besides blog (please read the blog post, it is great) and was delighted to get to buy a piece of art.  We bought the Door of Hope canvas in the bottom right.

Fine & Raw chocolate was some of the most delicious chocolate ever, and touts itself as free from refined sugar, dairy and additives.  Sounds like health food to me.  Two bars please!  Lara who runs the stall was great at letting us know the benefits, and let us taste to our hearts content. This is much nicer than “normal” chocolate.  I just ate some of Rob’s bar as he is at work (shhh, don’t tell him!)

 Yum! My favourite was the agave and coconut flavour.  Heaven.

How delicious do these look?  According to my Twitter feed they were very popular

Awesome ninja bottle opener by Jozi Design.  We bought one of the Heineken stationary holders for our desk.

I’m so glad that we put our fears aside about venturing into the CBD.  I would urge anyone to check out Market on Main, and if you are feeling a little too nervous about going there in the dark check it out on a Sunday lunch time!  I can’t wait a whole month until I visit again so I’ll be back one Sunday this month. Next time I want to experience the Ethiopian coffee ceremony they have there.  Looks awesome!


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