Vintage shopping in Braamies, Joburg

Whilst having a little walk down Juta Street in Braamfontein on Saturday I came across an absolute gem.  This place was so much up my street it hurts.   I had been told to check out a pub called Kitchener’s which is the 2nd oldest pub in Joburg.   Apparently they have awesome nights and you can party until the wee hours.  They are part of the Milner Park Hotel, which is a great looking building on Juta.  It has an ornate New Orleans style front so I was intrigued to see what was inside.

Instead of going into the pub, I found something much better!  Through a doorway on the main road I could straight away see that it was my favourite kind of shop – a vintage shop!  Yay!  The very thing that I have been missing the most about London.  We went inside and had a little look around.  I was instantly drawn to a table of handbags, which I managed to somehow resist (I’m not sure Rob would appreciate me buying yet another handbag seeing as I don’t have a job!), but I had to have a flick through the clothing rails.  I found the cutest t-shirt ever.  Best thing about it?  It was R60 (£4.70)!!!  I was beyond happy with my bargain.

There is a very eclectic mix on sale – a table of bags, shoes, rails of clothes which are from Mustard Vintage (also at Market on Main which I have previously written about) manned by Reece from Mustard, personalised gladiator sandals where you choose your size but then you can choose the colour and pattern of the long piece of material that winds up your leg, and a table of random nick-nacks from Castro Vintage that I could tell Rob was trying to brainwash me into not looking at (I’m going back without him next time).

The place is roomy and has a cool vibe, helped by the exposed brickwork and cool staff – Rose is really nice (as was Reece!).  It doesn’t smell weird like some vintage shops – musty smells disguised with incense sticks is one of the least enjoyable ways to shop!

The store is called The Trading Post, and it runs every Saturday 10am-4pm.    It’s only been open for 3 weeks so it’s still a big secret.  Not for long if my bargainous purchase is anything to go by!  As time goes by they will inevitably add to their awesome collection so I think I’m going to be a frequent visitor.  Maybe see you there?


6 thoughts on “Vintage shopping in Braamies, Joburg

    • We should go one Saturday to the Neighbourhood Market. It’s where I was when I found this place. It’s small, but there are some yummy things for sale. Also, 70 Juta is just across the road too and that is a cool little place too

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