Raw Food & Juice Bar, 44 Stanley

A couple of nights ago we were invited to the opening of a raw food cafe in the 44 Stanley complex.  Before I moved to SA I didn’t know much about raw food at all, but after meeting Lara at Fine & Raw I’m starting to hear about it and understand it a lot more.

Raw foodists follow a diet that is organic, uncooked and unprocessed.  You can read more about it here.  It is a very healthy diet, but lacks too much of my favourite foods so it is not something I could completely convert to!  It is also way too extreme for me – I believe in a balance of all things – good and bad.  I’m definitely thinking of incorporating some raw food into my life, but not too much.  Pastry is my absolute favourite thing in the world and I don’t think that I could ever give it up!

Raw food is really starting to catch on in SA, and there was a gap in the market for a place to go that specialised in raw food.  Well, that gap is no more as Raw has opened.  It’s a vegetarian raw food and juice bar.  One of their aims is to show that not all raw food is for rabbits!  Well, although I do like a bit of steak for my dinner, I did enjoy the delicious nibbles that were circulating, although I will be honest and say that the vegan “sushi” was indeed a bit too rabbit food for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed everything else.  They have a “cafe eats” menu on offer, but they also have a fridge to buy ingredients, and then shelving full of healthy bits and bobs to buy.  Of course, between Rob and I, we wanted to buy it all.  Luckily they weren’t selling anything that night as otherwise our cupboards would be full and our wallets would not.

Percy made us some great tasting raw juices.  I’ve not had vegetable juices before so was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t taste like garden, which is what I fully expected them to.

Check out Raw if you want to see what raw food is all about – Shelley is the owner and I’m sure that she will be only too happy, along with her staff, to educate you on raw foodism and show you some of the delicious food that they offer.  If not for anything else, go pick up some raw chocolate and “cheese” spread – the 2 things that I need to go raw !


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