A night out at a fake wedding – The Wedding Party, Illovo

We attended the most surreal event yesterday.  The Wedding Party is a dinner and interactive show.  Basically, you turn up to a “wedding” and you are one of the guests.  There are actors in character as the wedding party, and they literally greet you at the door as the mother of the bride/groom, the groom himself etc.

We thought it would be pure cheese but a bit of fun, so we went online to Computicket (that “online” ticket store that isn’t really even online because you must go and pick your tickets up from a supermarket – what’s the point?!) and bought two tickets.  It was nearly sold out.  You can choose which table number you are on, and you end up sitting with 8-10 strangers if it is just the 2 of you, as we were.

The dinner was held in Salsa restaurant in Illovo.  The venue was completely decked out as a wedding.  We were lucky to have some really nice people on our table.

The starters were a big platter to share with the table, and to be honest I didn’t think much of it.  There was the hardest pieces of halloumi I have ever eaten on offer, roasted veg, chicken livers and some chicken bits to eat, along with salad and bread.

Then the show started and the actors were really great.  They played the classic clichéd version of each person, and we really loved the new money, drunk, cougar mother of the groom.  She really loved Rob too.  He, once again (as this happens every time we go to a show where there is audience participation) got pulled up on stage to play a part, dance and generally just die of embarrassment.  Although I’m not sure what he has to be embarrassed about this time – at least they didn’t strip him like they did when we went to the Pam Ann stand up show!

There was a choice of 4 main courses, and actually the main course was OK.  I had roast kingklip (a very meaty white fish) and Rob had fillet beef stew.  Both were cooked well and then there were cupcakes for dessert.  This isn’t the kind of place that you come for the food though – it is more the experience that you pay for.

The funny thing about this experience is that it really did feel like we were at a wedding.  The speeches dragged on a little, and the music was pure cheese.  We ended the night with that fatigued feeling that you only get from a wedding, where the start of the night was really good, but you can’t wait to get home and play on your x-box sleep.  I do feel that they could have done more with the speeches etc, but as Rob pointed out, it really wouldn’t have felt as real as it did if it had been any different.  My favourite part of the act was actually when one of the actors lost it and was laughing uncontrollably!

We did have fun, and we were sat with a cool couple so that made the night more fun than it would have been should we have been sat with some old codgers.  I am glad that we went – the singing and dancing was entertaining, and we did join in for a little while.

You can check out The Wedding Party website here and click through from there to buy tickets.  Then go and pick them up at Checkers.  #onlineticketpurchasefail.


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