Returning to regular programming

So I’ve been absent lately, for which I apologise.  I’ve just had so much on my plate recently and have not been able to prioritise blogging.  I’ve been told off by some friends as they like to stay in touch with what I am doing.  I actually have a lot of blog material from the last few weeks so will post it, although the events are a little old now!

Don’t worry, nothing too crazy going on in my life.  I have just been adjusting to a new country, forging friendships by spending a lot of time with new people, and generally just settling in.  Plus trying to exercise, eat and sleep have been getting in my way too!

I will be blogging frequently once again as I have made a conscious decision to make time to do so.  So please bear with me – it’s going to be a week before my life is back to normal.

For now, I leave you with the video for Young Guns latest release, from their upcoming album Bones.  The hotty on guitar making all the weird faces went to school with Rob and is a great friend of ours.  We are so proud of him as the band rocks (they’ve supported Bon Jovi at the O2 for goodness sake!), and he would definitely be working in McDonald’s if this wasn’t working out. They write their own music – check out their other tunes online and then nip over to itunes to purchase!  Help keep a rock star out of a career in fast food! He so wouldn’t fit into those skinny jeans with free hamburgers on tap……..


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