Carols on the Koppies

As I wrote about before, I am finding it extremely difficult to feel festive in this heat.  There are various Christmas events happening around town, but they are happening in 30 degree heat and you are slathered in sunscreen.  It just doesn’t feel right.

I saw that the Melville Junction church were holding a carol service on the Koppies, so I rallied the troupes and we went along in a vain attempt to jump start that Christmas feeling.

We have lived in Melville for 3 months now, and still have not been up onto the Koppies.  It is a nature reserve, and the nearest entrance is less than 5 minutes walk from our house.  We just haven’t made time to go.  I feel a bit ashamed about that really and, unsurprisingly, it is really quite nice up there!  We get an awesome view of the Koppies from our deck and living room, so we really should get out there and check out what we can see every day.

The church had decked out an area with seats, hanging lanterns and their stage.  I felt that the seating was too spread out though, and if we had all been seated closer then it would have been a more intimate affair.  Obviously we didn’t pick up our chairs and move though.  We are lazy!

Rob and I had a look and could see our house from where we were!  I am pleased to confirm that no one can actually see into our bathroom so I can continue to shower with the blinds up.  #winning

The carol service was short but sweet, and then the church had provided mince pies and tea.  I am also pleased to report that I wasn’t struck by lightning when I set foot on hallowed ground.

One of our friends actually bought a thermos of mulled wine with her, to which I am eternally grateful as that is actually what made me feel an inkling of Christmas spirit.  We actually went back to her house and helped her out with another mug of the delicious stuff!  Thanks A!

My pictures are fuzzy as I stupidly forgot to take the head of my tripod with me, but I’m definitely going to try and get back up there at sunset as there was the most awesome view.  Of which I have no pictures due to tripodgate.  Gutted

So I still don’t feel festive at all and there are 11 days until Christmas!  Maybe this year I am just going to have to deal with the fact that this year I am going to be around the pool instead, drinking cider instead of mulled wine.  I think I can deal with that…


4 thoughts on “Carols on the Koppies

  1. That was a very nice and enjoyable event. But I must say, it didn’t feel remotely Christmas-y to me. Not one iota. I think another reason for that is because all the holiday celebrations in Jozi happen so early, since everyone clears out of town on 20 Dec. or before. Carols on the Koppies on Christmas Eve might feel different.

    It was great to be up on the koppies at night though. Your pics are cute!

    • I didn’t have many pics to play with – you must have loads! We ony felt Christmassy due to mulled wine – we went back to Aislinn and Hugo’s and had real mince pies too. That helped!

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