A very sunny cricket game

Last week I went and watched my very first game of cricket! South Africa versus Sri Lanka at SuperSport Park in Centurion. We were quite swish and paid for seats in a posher bit (Castle Corner) – there were sun loungers, umbrella’s and a swimming pool. I thought that it would have been fun to be on the grass with the masses, but actually I’m so glad that we had shade and seats! We had a great time (apart from Rob who drank himself into a stupor and was consequently in the dog house for the rest of the weekend).

I must admit that I didn’t watch that much cricket – it was all a little boring. It was a 5 day test so the game didn’t actually end on the day that we were there. The really enjoyable bit for me was spending time with friends, eating a yummy picnic and watching my friend N kick some boys butts by chugging beer through a vacuum hose in way better form than them. It was extremely sunny, but thanks to factor 30 I ended the day without being burnt.

We took the Gautrain from Joburg to Centurion, and it was fuss free and easy – it was just like the trains in the UK, only much cleaner. You are not allowed to eat or drink on them. Public transport is still very new here in Joburg, and I’m very impressed by the cost, facilities and service provided. I will definitely use the Gautrain again.

As for the cricket, it was a great day out, but that was more about seeing friends than the actual game I’m afraid. There were way too many huge guys drunk out of their mind for me – one guy tried to start a fight with our group, another group were just gross and trying to film our boobs in our bikini’s (there was a pool remember), another threw a cup at me, and another group were really trying to start a row with anyone. There was a black guy dressed like Santa that had taken a shine to me too and harassed me all day long (he is actually pictured above!). It is much like being at a football game in the UK with all the drunken chavs…


5 thoughts on “A very sunny cricket game

  1. Sun loungers – that is just a totally different experience to cricket!!! Cool. I have never been to a live game, but sharing a house with 3 boys in Australia meant I was well versed in the game! With loungers and umbrellas, I may have gone to a game or two!!

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