Some not-so-empty promises for 2012

photo credit: taken from Google.

I’ve decided to roll my bucket list and New Year Resolutions into one list of 24 things to do – 2 a month.  Hopefully having them here on my blog will spur me on to complete them all.  I don’t  usually have such an extensive list, but this next couple of years I am away from home and need to take advantage of the opportunities that are here.  Rob and I actually wrote a holiday type bucket list last year, and I’m pleased to say that we will definitely be able to cross some of this off this year!

  1. Learn to swim confidently.  I know how, but I have no stamina or confidence.  I want to be able to swim 4 lengths non stop by December
  2. Take a surf lesson.  Rob is an avid surfer and I want to see what all the fuss is about.  In warm water…
  3. Pick up where I left off on my French studies and have a bash at becoming something resembling fluent.  Rob is going to only speak French to me at home from now on.  Yikes!
  4. Cook a new recipe every month for my boy/our friends
  5. Learn how to bake.  Rob doesn’t eat sweet things so I have never really tried, but now I have lots of piggy friends in Jozi to try it all out
  6. Get to the point where I can do 20 push ups non-stop in the proper position.  I can do 1, maybe 2 right now!
  7. Be more romantic.  Rob and I have been together 2.5 years now and the honeymoon period is most definitely over.  Need to get back some of that loving feeling!  
  8. Get a washboard stomach.  I am slim and work out a lot, but I have always had a round tum.  I want a flat one!
  9. Run 3 10k races (0/3)
  10. Scale back on my social commitments so that Rob and I have time for a date night every week.  We have no time at the moment!
  11. Enjoy my blog and don’t let it become a chore.  If that happens then I’ll stop blogging as it is meant to be for fun!
  12. Make time to read a book a month.  In England I was reading at least a book a week, but I’m not commuting anymore and finding it hard to make time
  13. Learn to meditate.  I’ve always wanted to be able to de-stress first thing in the morning and this really approach really interests me
  14. Concentrate on my photographic skill.  I know how to use the camera functions now, but want to be able to do it with my eyes closed
  15. Stay in touch with everyone in the UK more often.  There are a few people that I speak to daily and weekly online, but there are more that I don’t
  16. Stay at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi It looks freaking awesome
  17. Do a bungee jump – either at Victoria Falls or the Soweto Towers
  18. Go on my very first game drive
  19. Go horseback riding on the beach.  You know, like they do in the movies!
  20. Go sand-boarding.  Apparently they do it in Benoni…
  21. Ride an elephant.  Doesn’t everyone want to do this?!
  22. Cage dive with sharks.  We will be in Cape Town in March so maybe then…
  23. Visit more museums to learn about the life and times of Africa.  It might help me understand why life is the way that it is now, and it is very interesting in any case
  24. Manage to entice at least one set of visitors this year from the UK.  Maybe our friends don’t really like us, or maybe they are just scared of Jozi?

24 thoughts on “Some not-so-empty promises for 2012

  1. I like how you could combine these, eg, reading a book about meditation, or getting better at photography whilst riding an elephant.

  2. Rob should be most happy with #7 I suppose! For your 10km run, perhaps follow/contact @brodiegal on twitter, who often does runs around Zoo Lake with other ladies, and somehow always gets the best Nike shoes.

  3. If ur looking for game drives and horseback beach riding and all that jazz I’d recommend coming down to the Eastern Cape. Visit Addo Elephant park (amazing and malaria free!). Rob can go surf at Jeffry’s Bay on the legendary super tubes. Further north towards East London and those places there are gorgeous little seaside towns such as Kleinemond or Port Alfred which are beautiful. And you could. Go riding at the Fish River Horse Safaris 🙂

    I love the idea of doing something each month-much better than. Ebulous vague “resolutions”

  4. I love you resolutions 🙂 i’ve bungeed off Bloukrans and Victoria Falls, but Bloukrans definitely takes the cake since it’s the highest in the world – plus it’s near Addo Elephant park so you could cross off two things in one! I’m up for riding an elephant again!

    I’m totally in for running 10km’s with you – they do them at the Johannesburg zoo sometimes, it’s a blast!


  5. Maybe you should add 25 – find a way to create 48 hours in a day. How are you going to get all this done, I ask? And on 24 – I will gladly send you some of our visitors. We invited everybody and their brother to come, and they all did, and more. We run a hotel here!

    • I don’t have 4 kids or a real job!! Remember before those kids took up almost every minute of your day?! I’m hoping that with this huge increase in time I will surely get all of this done this year. Only time will tell!

  6. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me–I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. Nice list – hope you will be able to do at least half of it! 😉 But I can help you with two or three if you want me to…

    As for
    No. 9.) Run 3 10k races – we’ll be running 10 k on 29 Jan in Benoni. Wanna join?

    No. 20.) Go sand-boarding.
    I’ve out it on our New Girls in Joburg meetup site but haven’t phoned the guys. Will do so this week – just to help you of course 😉

    No 21.) Ride an elephant. – I want to do the same this year. There is an elephant sanctuary at Hartbeespoort Dam. Let me know when you’re ready. In will be starting from Mar once I am back from Germany 🙂

    Lots of love

    • Ooh Bianca. I think that I might sign up for that race, although will be training behind you I’m sure! Will definitely look into the other two things too – it’s a bit dependant on money at the mo!

  8. Whoop whoop on this list Martina, and it’s just inspired me to publish mine – thanks!
    Please can I be a piggy friend too?
    #6 – come join us as at CrossFit, where push-ups are par for the course! It should help with #8 too 😉
    #9 – Davina would be more than happy to help you run, I’m sure! She’s doing the race on the 29th too, but the 21.1km.
    #20 – Sandboarding is *awesome* fun, even if it is in Benoni (passports again!). That damn sand get everywhere though! Would love to do it again if you’re making a day of it…

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