A rocking start to 2012

Happy new year everyone!  We started the New Year in style this year – with an awesome party!  In Joburg, for reasons that not one person has explained to me, there is a mass exodus at Christmas and New Year and almost every person goes away.  Durban, Cape Town and other parts of Africa and South Africa are full to the brim of Joburgers having their festive holiday.  Flights are extortionate, accommodation is scarce, and don’t get me started on cattery availability!!!

Yep. We have a drinks globe, & we ♥ it! (see how Rob looks like he is gazing lovingly!) photo credit Karen @ storyofbing.com

We went away for Christmas ourselves (more on that later), but we flew back on NYE and decided before we left that we would host a party for our friends left in Jozi.  Our flight was due to land at 18.30, and we had told everyone to come round for 21.30ish.  Loads of time to freshen up and get the house ready…unless your flight is delayed an hour!! Luckily we managed everything in the nick of time (although I must admit that I did not have time for a shower after the flight and before the party! Sorry guys…) and a whole bunch of our friends descended on our house in Melville.  We had such an amazing time!!! A lot more people rocked up than we had thought would, everyone was in great spirits, and there was dancing and booze aplenty.  We celebrated at midnight with the poorest fireworks that money can buy, but I loved that fact that they were dud’s as we laughed so much about it

Everyone drank an impressive amount, and the amount of bottles in the kitchen at the end of the night showed that there were going to be a fair few sore heads the next morning

Dancing, on the deck, & a small corner of my kitchen afterwards...there were way more bottles... photo credit Karen @ Storyofbing.com

This is the first party that I have ever hosted.  I have always been too worried that no one would attend!  In London it is quite difficult for people to get home as it is triple fare for taxi’s  and no one lives near anyone else.  For the past few years Rob and I have stayed in with either my sisters and some WKD blue, or  a terrible film and a few bottles of extremely cheap cava (oh how I miss you Freixenet).  They have been the best New Year’s until now – no expectations so always a good night.  This year though was my favourite so far – we had such a great time, and thankfully lots of people turned up so there was a great atmosphere.  They all seemed to be having a great time too which is always a winner!

Lessons learnt:

  1. We need to buy a sound system.  We haven’t bought one yet as been spending all of our money on furniture until now, but we definitely need to invest
  2. Ask the girls not to wear stilletto’s on the wooden floor ever again, especially when dancing.  ’nuff said!
  3. We have great friends in Jozi.  That’s all

On New Years Day whilst we were festering on the sofa wondering just how we were going to get food as everything was closed, we received a text from our friends inviting us for lamb stew and a movie.  We had the yummiest lunch ever, watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and then went onto a braai.  A great relaxing day spent with good friends = a great start to the new year

I have a great feeling about 2o12!


4 thoughts on “A rocking start to 2012

  1. Such a cute photo of you and Rob!!! And looks like your New Years party was a hit 🙂 So bummed we couldn’t make it, we ended up booking last minutes tickets to Cape Town on Christmas Eve :/

    But we’re definitely in for Rob’s birthday at Carnivore – his b’day is exactly one week before mine!


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