Support local craft producers: Jozi Design

I just have to tell you about this awesome company Jozi Design.  Actually, I have mentioned them before in this post but this time they have their own post dedicated to their awesomeness

Jozi Design is a Jozi based designer (Martin Bolt) who makes awesome, random things, sometimes collaborating with external contributors.  I’m really into the up-cycling they do.  He also sells his photography, and man, he is a really good photographer!  He really captures the essence of Johannesburg in his pictures

We went along to the December night market at Market on Main with a big bunch of friends.  We went for the food, but I couldn’t help have a little browse at the clothing and design stalls.  I saw Rhys at Mustard Vintage (obviously) and walked away with 3 awesome dresses for about R300, as did my friend Karen.  We were so chuffed with our cheapo but gorgeous purchases.  Then I saw the most awesome lamp ever on another stall.  It is a camera tripod that has been made into a lamp.  The lamp shade is made out of record album covers.  There was a smaller one but some eagle-eyed shopper had snapped it up before us.  Damn them

I love that the lamp is up-cycled and quirky, and I just knew that it would be perfect for our house.  Our house is kind of loft-style – open plan, exposed brick and shabby chic.  Everything is mismatched (which would have turned my hair grey in England) but it works so well in this place.  I knew the lamp would fit in perfectly.  Rob agreed too – he had set my friends the task of not letting me spend any money whilst he was off with his own friends that night, but when I called him to come look at the lamp he bought it instantly!

Check out the Jozi Design website, and get yourself down to Market on Main to see their stall and everything they have to offer.  The mastermind behind it all, Martin, actually works on the stall and it is really cool to hear from him what inspires him to make this stuff and just how he does it

I’m a little worried about the fact that every time I go to the stall I buy something.  Not as worried as Rob though, who ends up paying for it!  I need to get me some LP drinks coasters next time…


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