Making it worth the blood, sweat and tears

A blog is a huge commitment.  You spend hours thinking of ideas, researching places to go, going out and experiencing things to write about, writing and re-writing posts, taking the perfect picture and then editing it as it is, in fact, not perfect at all.  Responding to comments and reading other blogs to create a network takes even longer.  Sometimes I get writers block, sometimes I just can’t be bothered to leave the house or open my laptop, and sometimes I wonder how the hell I could ever do this blog justice whilst not getting completely consumed by it.  Then I get a message like this, and it makes it all worthwhile

“Soon I will be in Jozi myself and I am really looking forward to it, especially reading some of the blogs like yours which are full of optimism and positiveness (unlike many of the sites which are all about the dangers and complications of moving to South Africa/Jozi in particular). See you there!!”

The reason that I write this blog is with the explicit aim to show people out there that you can live a really decent life in Jozi.  Sure, you need to be careful about your safety, but then where don’t you?  I just wanted people to know that there is a life worth living here, as I was terrified that there would be nothing to do once we arrived, and I would be stuck in the house without any friends.  I also couldn’t find anything positive online will be here soon, and I hope you will join me in keeping up to date in their adventure


8 thoughts on “Making it worth the blood, sweat and tears

  1. Hi Martina,

    How nice of you to introduce me on your blog! I am looking forward to meet you all soon ;-)! As of today we are officially 1 month out from our departure ! It’s all going very fast now.

    I’m still a novice at blogging so I’ve been playing around with the title, which I was trying to find something better for. Therefore the link to me blog is actually different now:

    See you soon!


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