My new favourite shop in Joburg (for now)

So I have a new favourite shop, and it is CHEAP!  Shopping in South Africa is ridiculously expensive.  Much more expensive than the UK, which is crazy as we tend to earn a lot more there than the equivalent job here.  Sure, some living costs are much cheaper, like rent and petrol, but any kind of shopping is expensive here which is a real pain when only one of you has a job.  I can’t afford to go out and buy whatever I want anymore.  I’m not a real big shopper and have always done 90% of my shopping online.  There is no Amazon here, no ASOS and no Ebay so just I don’t shop (plus there’s the fact that I can’t afford to anyway – single salary household and all that).  With a holiday coming up, and Christmas just around the corner I found myself trying to shop with a very tight budget.  There’s no H&M here- where the hell does someone buy holiday clothes if not in H&M?  I have the answer – Jay Jays!!

It is CHEAP.  Cheap as hell.  Which is something that myself and my girlfriends here just love.  We are constantly trying to be the one that found the cutest thing for the cheapest price.  A standard conversation for us is “I really like your dress”, “Thanks, 100 Rand!!”.  We love a bargain.  I have only bought clothes in Jozi at vintage stores up until now as second-hand vintage is much cheaper, but for my holiday they just weren’t cutting the mustard.  I think that Jay Jays is all over Joburg – we have one in Campus Square near my house, and there is also one in Sandton City.  I just bought the cutest bikini for R120.  They sell 2 pairs of skinny jeans for R400.  These are unheard of prices for SA, and the quality is not bad.  I mean, you are not going to be wearing these clothes in 10 years, but on a cost per wear basis for me they are coming up trumps!  There are other cheap shops like Mr Price and Jet, but they are not as good quality (in my opinion).  Jay Jay sell really cute t-shirts for guys, and great tops and shorts for girls.  They have the best tokens for the changing rooms ever.  They have a skeleton’s hand on, holding up the relevant bony fingers for the number of items that you are trying on #winning!

I didn’t buy too much as I am poor these days, but that’s where I will be heading when I next need cheap holiday clothes and I get my hands on some moolah!


22 thoughts on “My new favourite shop in Joburg (for now)

    • Mr Price is much cheaper quality I think. Apart from my favourite blue shorts I bought there. Which come to think about it, are falling apart after a couple of weeks. Sigh. I miss H&M

    • I know, I’ve been informed SA is expensive for clothing…! And I am moving here for a long time so that’s why I am literally bringing all my clothes over; no exceptions on that one I’m afraid! Maybe I’ll have to buy some more basics before I go…;-).

      • Bring everything that you can with you, and be prepared for very cold winters nights here. We only wear flip flops at the moment and all my shoes are just sitting doing nothing, but apparently come June I will be wearing boots! Good luck with getting everything ready for the move. I’m here if you ever need any advice

  1. Hi, so interesting reading your blog! Was just wondering if you could tell me if there is Hollister or Abercrombie in Joburg? Can’t believe there’s no HandM !

  2. I seriously miss H&M too (frequently)! As well as IKEA. Might interest you to know that you can often find Abercrombie at Meltz stores – they’re a discount store with a mish-mash of (I think it’s overstock) familiar international brands…have seen Topshop, Nike, Puma, Abercrombie, and a few others. Perhaps similar to Marshalls stores in the US / Texas? Website / branch locator…

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