An oasis in Jozi: Impala Fruit and Veg

The weekly grocery shop.  You would think that we could just go to the supermarket right? Wrong.  The supermarkets here, unlike the UK and probably every other country on Earth, don’t actually stock everything that you need under one roof so you often are driving here, there and everywhere to fulfil your weekly grocery list.  The supermarkets that we tend to frequent are Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar.  We go to Woolworths (Woolies) every now and then, but we can’t afford to shop there all the time  as we are a single salary household these days (it is the equivalent of Waitrose or Marks and Spencer in the UK)

The 3 places that we go to don’t stock reliably good quality fruit and veg – all the great stuff is exported to the rest of the World.  Woolies has great fruit and veg but the price is not right for us.  I then heard about a place called Impala Fruit & Veg centre.  There are a few around Joburg, but our closest shop is at Northcliff

When I walked in it was like walking into an oasis!  The place is amazing, not to mention HUGE.  Fresh fruit and veg, nuts and dried fruit, pasta and pasta sauces, oils, vinegar, sweets, yoghurt, herbs and spices, jams, tins – the list goes on and on

Rob was in absolute heaven at the cereals, nuts and dried fruit.  You can make your own special mix of muesli

They have guys that will walk around and choose the freshest produce for you, but I like to choose my shopping myself.  They always take it to your car though.  The customer service is great

I’m happy to report that everything is reasonably priced.  I would have thought that it would be more expensive than buying at the supermarket, but it doesn’t seem to be at all.  They have chalk boards with daily specials, which really helps the old pocket

In Northcliff, Impala is situated next to a pet shop, a fishmongers, a butcher and Liquor City – Northcliff is almost a one stop shop for me!  If only they had a household shop there I would be in heaven…

Impala is situated on Beyers Naude Drive, and there is ample parking.   If you get time cross over the road and check out the antiques shop there.  It’s a treasure chest of cool stuff


10 thoughts on “An oasis in Jozi: Impala Fruit and Veg

      • Sigh. Maybe before I go next weekend I can sneak down there. Newtown actually has like this strange informal market that happens on Saturday mornings where there is some second-hand stuff (can’t call it antique), but im sure that among some of that junk there is some good stuff too.

        I have to admit Cape Town is the best for that, most accessible antiques.

  1. Ah, Impala, I miss it so; they even sell liquorish. Agree on Spar – the best one I found is the one just a kilometer beyond Impala (called ‘Steve’s Spar’ or something). I once saw the manager there, a really old guy, tell a delivery truck guy to piss off as he was hours late, while the son was saying ‘But dad, we need this stuff’.

  2. I looove Impala, I was just there this past weekend buying the cheapest, most beautiful flowers and then went next door to the fruit and veg and marveled at all the different choices 🙂


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