Good cooks never lack friends

So I have joined a cooking club.  Who am I?!  I hardly recognise myself.  Actually, I’m even more confused about who I am turning into as I helped to set one up!  Aging definitely accelerates as you get into your late twenties and become an actual adult…

I’ve always loved my food and tend to surround myself with others that also do.  You won’t find any of my friends ordering the salad to watch the calories!  I have met a whole bunch of people in Jozi that love to cook and eat and so we thought why not do it socially?  There’s a few of us that don’t have full-time jobs or work the normal day-time hours and we decided to get together once a month, with the host cooking a main course and dessert at minimum, themed however they please

The interesting thing is that we are mostly a bunch of expats from all corners of the World so the cuisine on offer is very varied

Karen was the first one to host.  She is from Singapore and it is Chinese New Year so she made the most delicious Chinese meal for us.  Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice, followed by a tapioca, melon and coconut milk dessert.  I couldn’t get enough of the main course and was going back for seconds/thirds long after everyone else had finished eating (Karen actually had to prise my plate away from me).  Unfortunately the dessert wasn’t for me (I’m surprised at how much tapioca pearls remind me of frog-spawn…) but I busied myself with the peanut butter cups that were also on the table.  Yum

We all had a fantastic time, and it was great to catch up with existing friends and make new ones too.  I also learnt that the best way to make fried rice is to cook all the ingredients separately and then combine at the end.  This makes the texture of the rice much nicer and not clumpy in any way.  Great tip Karen, thanks!  I was also surprised to learn that no soy sauce is used in the making of this dish.  I think that must be the mistake that most of us non-Chinese are making as every one of us there agreed that is how we had thought it was done.  When presented with the fried rice there was absolutely no need to add any soy

It’s Laura’s turn next – she is Canadian and I am looking forward to her menu as she is a great cook.  I need to hit the gym extra hard after this cooking club meets, clearly!


8 thoughts on “Good cooks never lack friends

  1. I also wud like to be in a cooking club but problem is I only know to eat not to cook ha ha ha!!!!…nice blog! Made me hungry though!

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