Let them eat cake

People in Jozi rave about Wolves cafe in Illovo for cupcakes and coffee. They obviously don’t know about The Patisserie just 5 minutes away!

I was running errands and needed to go to the post office in Illovo.  My friend told me about this awesome coffee shop there so I persuaded her (with absolutely no persuasion necessary) to come along and have a quick bite and a coffee

Illovo Post Office Centre is really nothing special to look at, and whilst it looks like the kind of place that I would definitely expect a post office to live, I would never have imagined that there would be such a cool coffee shop there

I was bowled over as soon as I walked in – it is decorated like those pink and white striped paper bags that you used to get penny sweets in, and I actually did feel like I was in a sweet shop.  Being a patisserie, there were cakes, tarts, pastries and biscuits on display everywhere!  I was in heaven!

We took a seat and I perused the menu.  I was very impressed at the savoury range on offer, as well as the cakes that stretch as far as the eye could see.  I hadn’t had any breakfast, so instead of succumbing for a sweet treat (although I was so tempted) I opted for a croissant with scrambled egg and a pot of rooibos tea.  Mmmm.  The food was delicious – fresh croissant and fluffy eggs which I wolfed down in about 3 seconds

Service was swift and the staff were really friendly.  One of the waitresses explained to me that although the cafe is 8 or 9 years old, in August 2011 new owners Helen and John took over.  I love the over decorated and cosy feel of the place, and there are ample tables too so no waiting around when we arrived, even though they were fairly busy

The only downside, and the only way that Wolves triumphs over The Patisserie, is that there is no free wifi at The Patisserie.  Wolves is a great place for an informal meeting over coffee, laptop or ipad along for the ride.  It would be really nice to have another option, as I would much rather meet here than at Wolves!  It’s easier to park here as there is a car park dedicated to the centre

I’m looking forward to the next time I can visit, and I doubt I will be able to resist a red velvet cupcake or a pear and almond tart next time.  I’m desperate to try the pear and amaretto loaf.   I’m thinking about renting the place out for my birthday.  They even make cakes for special occasions – 2 birds, 1 stone!

They also sell gorgeous bits and pieces from the Cath Kidston range

You can find The Patisserie at The Post Office Centre,  30 Rudd Road, Illovo.  Tel: 011 268 0044


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