✓Just do it

As part of my ridiculously ambitious resolutions I promised myself that I would run 3 10km races.  Well, I’m all signed up for my first one!

On 21 March, Human Rights Day here in SA, 10,000 runners will make history by taking back the streets by running the Nike 10km Run Jozi night race through the CBD.  Historically, the CBD has been a dangerous, run down place, but a lot of money is being spent to jazz this once drab place up into a really cool, trendy place to be.  There are really cool venues, shops and markets springing up all over the place, and now this awesome sporting event.  Even so, regeneration or not, the CBD is not somewhere that you would usually run a casual 10km, let alone do it at night, which makes this event even more interesting and cool as hell

It’s cheap as chips to sign up, at R70 for non-students and R50 for students.  I am dragging Rob along for the ride, which will be interesting as he has not been able to run for a year due to an ankle injury.  Maybe he will be eating my dust at this race?  Probably not, annoyingly

I don’t usually blog about things before they happen, but I think all you guys in Joburg that haven’t signed up seriously should!  You get a Nike t-shirt, if nothing else, and if it is anything like the ones that the staff are wearing in the Nike store then it is R70 well spent – it has the Jozi skyline across the chest, and we all know how awesome that graphic is!

Come run, walk, hobble the race with me!  I’ll be the one with the reddest face you have ever seen in your life…

Sign up at Run Jozi.  10km is really not that far!


8 thoughts on “✓Just do it

  1. I love races like this. Every year I do the 30km walk the talk and sisters with blisters. I’ve actually been looking for more races to do but I didn’t know where to look.

    I’ll most probably be away on 21 March but if not, I’m definitely going to do this.

    By the way, I love your 2012 bucket list 🙂 I’m kinda trying the same thing this year too.

    • Races like this are a really cool way to stay in shape without going too crazy, although I do have some desire to do a marathon in the future. I’m not quite brave enough though! It’s a shame that you will miss the race, and I know what you mean about missing out on races – I never know where to look and rely on word of mouth. Good luck with your bucket list! It’s a really strange mix of easy but really hard…

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