Good Cooks Never Lack Friends

As you can read about here, I’m part of a cooking club.  We had our second meeting and Laura was the host.  She cooked a delicious roast dinner.  The chicken was so moist, and I found out later that she uses Jamie Oliver’s method, which obviously works well.  I was excited for Laura’s turn as I actually know her from London and know that she cooks a mean roast.  Also, I was hung over as hell and a roast dinner is a great recovery tool

A jug of Pimm’s was served that went down very well – it was all so British!  I think the best thing about a roast dinner is that no one does it quite the same – there are so many variations and so you never get bored.  There were only so many times I could invite my friends over for lasagne in the UK (it’s so easy to make, so became a staple dish for larger groups).  In my family, we tend to go all out for a roast dinner.  We have multiple meats, my favourite being chicken or lamb.  We cook so many different vegetables it is ridiculous, and Auntie Diane’s roast potatoes always go down a treat.  After spending years craving for them, she showed me how to make them and I can finally pull them off!  One thing that I make with every roast (apart from cauliflower cheese!) and which is traditionally only paired with roast beef, is Yorkshire puddings.  Mmmmm.  I cheat and use frozen ones by Aunt Bessie’s, and I always make too many so I can snack on them after dinner. Ah, I miss them so!

I love getting together with these girls.  I see a couple of them all the time, but some of them I see less frequently and it is a great way to catch up.  It’s informal, relaxed and delicious!

Next time we are off to Alice’s house (in Kyalami.  Will I need my passport?!)  and she asked the best question via email today “does everyone like duck, and eating with their fingers?”  Er, hell yeah I like duck and eating with my fingers!!  I can’t wait


5 thoughts on “Good Cooks Never Lack Friends

  1. Yummi! I think I know that kitchen too, lol. Can I join the club as well? I already know Laura and if Rob works with Laura’s husband, he obviously knows my husband (André) too!

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