Shmoke and a pancake

OK, no smoking actually happened, and there were way more pancakes than just 1…

Pancake Day is BIG NEWS in our house.  It’s actually big news in the UK.  I think mostly amongst the people I socialise with it is more the actual pancakes than for the meaning of the day.  Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) is the day preceding Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  During Lent you fast for 40 days, which means no eggs, butter or sugar during this time.  Pancake Day is one huge binge on these ingredients

Pancake Day is such big news in the UK that the day before you will hear everyone from secretaries to the CEO discussing with colleagues what toppings they are going to have, and then the next day you will hear the people that forgot that it was Pancake Day the night before kicking themselves

Some of my expat friends here in Jozi have never heard of Pancake Day, and some of my British friends here did not want to miss out, so I decided to have a Pancake Party!

Pancakes in the UK are more like French crepes than the thick American version.  You can’t really get the recipe wrong, and the fun part is the toppings.  You can make them sweet or savoury, but obviously sweet is more fun!  Lemon and sugar is the bog standard and actually my favourite, banana and Nutella is also another popular flavour.  You can put honey, maple syrup, fruit, cream, ice cream…the list is endless

I had asked everyone to bring a topping so we ended up with a good variety of flavours for everyone to try out.  I made the batter up in advance and then when people arrived we got the pancake pan fired up.  Yep – I have a pancake pan!

We took turns in cooking the pancakes and everyone learnt to flip them properly if they hadn’t done it before

We had a lot of fun and we all felt a little sick at the end of it from eating way too much.  This isn’t the most well balanced meal that you can have for dinner.  I had 7 pancakes for dinner, and then I had 5 for breakfast.  I’m a pig, that much is sure

We had a lot of fun, and a delicious night.  If you didn’t celebrate Pancake Day yesterday then you should celebrate today!  We tried Delia Smith’s recipe this time as we were making so much batter – we added a little extra milk as her recipe came out a bit thick.  You can usually just add the ingredients by eye, but if you are having company over then you want to get it right!

I’m in a pancake coma right now


7 thoughts on “Shmoke and a pancake

  1. Well done darling, bet you had fun and your “flipping” pic is great!!! Jayshri loves pancakes too with Nutella (every morning if I am not feeling lazy and she’s feeling lucky!) x

  2. Lol – I made pancakes yesterday for the boys because I’m on an easy meal plan this week (due to girls and hubby away for camp/business), and then I heard about the pancake thing. What coincidence. I had no idea! And I grew up in Southern Germany, where both Shrove Tuesday and pancakes are a big thing!

    But honestly, giving up eggs, butter, and sugar? Those are my three favorite ingredients! I find that a bit harsh. I gave up wine instead:-)

    Our favorite pancake topping, by the way, is just plain cinnamon sugar. The kids always get their last one with Nutella, but I think the sugar ones are the best.

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