After Rob’s successful cheapo haircut in China Town we decided that we were onto a winner and should definitely revisit for his monthly haircut.  He announced that this weekend he needed to go, and that we needed Karen to write us the hairstyle directions for the stylist who does not speak English.  Karen went one better and suggested that her husband also get his haircut and that we lunch afterwards.  Er, yes please!

I decided the night before that I too was going to get my hair cut.  I have been holding out for an expensive stylist here, and every month think I can afford it next month.  The reality is that we can’t afford super expensive hair cuts anymore now that I don’t have a job, but it has been almost a year since my last snip and it is long overdue

We also roped in Jenna for the trip, and off we went.  The boys had their hair cut first, whilst us girls shopped up a storm in the Oriental supermarkets.  Then it was our turn for the snip

getting my hair washed in my seat

Jenna had Qing Qing, who cut Rob’s hair last time, and I managed to bag the senior stylist (whose name I regretfully don’t know).  She shampooed my hair in the chair, which was strange, and then she told Karen that my hair was like a horse’s tail or straw hahahahahahaha.  I wasn’t too bothered – the ends were dry, but also they are not used to working with Caucasian hair and don’t realise that we mostly have drier and more tangled hair than the beautiful, silky straight hair that most Oriental women seem to be blessed with, and which I have spent too many years and too many £’s trying to imitate

She has also never seen a dip-dye/ombre hair before, so thought that my roots were just growing out and wanted to cut all my blonde off.  I tried to explain that I actually dye my roots darker and ends lighter but it was lost in translation!  I suppose being in the sun has made the blonde blonder than it used to be so there is a bigger contrast between colours than I used to have

I’m not too precious about my hair anymore so I told her to just chop off as much as she needed to.  She wanted to give me a crew cut, blatantly, but she snipped a few inches away and about 10 minutes later I was done!  She blow dried my hair and I was shocked at the end result – the hair cut looked just like I had been to my old hairdresser in London, who charges 10 times more for a hair cut.  I also spent half the time in the chair than I usually would.  I had expected my hair to look like my mum had cut it when I was 12 – wonky – but I was pleasantly surprised

I love Karen's worried face and my even more worried face!

 Not bad eh?! My hair definitely looks better now I have had it cut.  I’m pleased with the result, and can’t shout their praises loud enough.  Be brave – take some pictures you like with, get yourself to Cyrildene and bag yourself the cheapest haircut of your life – it cost me R80 (£6.50!).  Guang Dong salon.  It is halfway down Derrick Avenue in Cyrildene

the finished product

*all photos taken by Karen/TP, except the last one taken by Rob*


8 thoughts on “Snippety-snip

  1. Ahhh it looks lovely – I always put off getting my hair cut too, always sayign next month i’ll get it done ‘properly’ lovingt he finished product though! x

  2. Looks great! Nice that you got someone to photo document your first visit to the hair dresser! To get anything like that done here in Sweden )Hair, nails, eyebrows) is terribly expensive and so I haven’t gone yet either and need to soon! A lot of the friends I’ve met dye their hair themselves as well as have a friend cut their hair. Glad your hair cut how went so well!

    • Thanks! I wasn’t that nervous as my hair is long so if it looked awful I would have had to pay to have it made shorter somewhere better, but luckily my gamble paid off and I love my new hair!

  3. Your cut turned out so well!!! (I guess mine didn’t turn out too badly either, I straightened it once I got home and it looked ok – phew!)

    Love the last photo 🙂


  4. Good to know there are also cheap addresses here in Jo’burg to cut your hair! Now that I see your cut, I will stop imagining that if I go there I will look like a porcupine when I get out 😉

    P.S. I sent my number to your email adress; don’t know if you got it…

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