I’ve found Religion!

Not THAT kind of religion, but only my favourite freaking clothing shop from London!  The week before we emigrated we were in Religion on Brick Lane buying t-shirts like they were going out of business as I know that there really is nothing like them in SA, and also because clothes are extortionately priced here.  Yet here we are, with a Religion shop in the most awesome location (44 Stanley, which is 5 minutes from my house) and also at a major department store, Stuttafords

I will die without this t-shirt. Image via asos.com

Religion originated in East London and initially was known as a niche t-shirt producer with anarchic graphics and a real aim for individuality.  They have expanded into a whole clothing range, with accessories to boot (actually Religion, please bring out boots and I will never shop anywhere else again).   Their style is distressed, grungey rock chic, which just so happens is my favourite look – I love nothing more than skulls, leather, black eye liner and biker boots with everything…it was living in East London that did it!  It’s just a shame that I can’t wear any of these things in the 30 degree heat in the Jozi summer.  Roll on the winter though…

On my recent holiday in Mauritius I stayed with my friend Sebastien and when we met in the garden to head off for a day trip we were wearing the same t-shirt!  A complete co-incidence but just goes to show how awesome these t-shirts are

Who looks better in it?!

 I must admit, I nearly peed my pants when I saw the Religion skeleton logo on a wall in 44 Stanley.  When I told the shop in London that I was moving to SA, they had said that they were opening a store here.  I assumed it would be in Cape Town – at Century City or something.  As luck would have it, it is on my doorstep.  As luck would not have it, it is freaking expensive here!  All clothes are, but I suppose these are something special.  It’s not always that cheap in London either, but we constantly have sales in the UK – pre-Christmas, January, Summer and then randoms too.  I don’t often pay full whack!

image via fallenhero.co.uk

Whilst the prices here do not mean that I can go and pick myself up something every month, it does mean that Rob has more options for present buying.  It’s my birthday next month…





4 thoughts on “I’ve found Religion!

  1. haha, I remember when you discovered this shop – it was the first time we met when we had breakfast at Salvation Cafe. You nearly peed your pants you were so excited!


  2. I’ve never seen the 44 Stanley store on sale as yet, but you should hit the the seasonal Stuttafords sales… The Sandton Stuttafords is the best stocked. You can get Religion for 70% off 🙂 … Another store that stocks Religion that has sales is The Street in Greenside, on Gleneagles Road (opposite Odd Cafe). 🙂

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