Go forth and watch drag

There is this awesome website that I discovered when I first moved to SA called Rave Review.  I go there to check all the latest fads, restaurants and cool things in Jozi.  They run competitions regularly and my motto is “You have to be in it to win it”.  Well, I entered the comp to win tickets to a show in the Joburg Theatre and got lucky!  2 tickets to see Miss Ceri Dupree – the UK’s leading female impersonator

I must admit, when I saw the poster I had low expectations for the show, but the tickets were free and I would get to hang with some cool people.  Off I went, and after attending I can honestly say that I loved every minute!  The guy is a genius.  I laughed from start to finish

The show is called “The Ladies I Love” and Ceri performs 21 impressions of his favourite ladies (not all on one night – each show is different), which include Cher, Lady Gaga, Dame Edna, Shirley Bassey, Julie Andrews, Dolly Parton and more.  My absolute favourite of the night was Camilla Parker-Bowles.  It was the funniest sketch ever.  Some are just for comedy value and will have you laughing and laughing.  Some are great singing and dancing impersonations and will have you blown away at how great a singer Ceri is.  Amy Winehouse was a combination of both  comedy value and singing!

Ceri is a man dressed as a woman, yet from the first outfit it was obvious that his figure is far superior to most of us females that were there!  He has the best legs ever…for a woman!  He came on at the end of the night dressed as himself, and I was shocked to see that he is a very good looking man too!  He has the best of both worlds.  B*^%*rd!!

The show is currently playing in Cape Town, and then in Joburg until the 25th March.  I couldn’t find the exact dates for each town online unfortunately, but I’m sure if you have a more thorough Google than me you will come up trumps.  If you do go and he does the Lady Gaga impression please let me know how it was as I really wanted to see that one but it wasn’t one of the ladies he performed that night!

So the moral of this story is a) Go check out Rave Review and subscribe via email to receive the good stuff straight into your inbox, and b) Get tickets for Ceri Dupree’s show before they close on 25th March.  It’s a hoot!


3 thoughts on “Go forth and watch drag

  1. Sounds great Martina! Haven’t seen him but have watched other South African comedy here and was always pleasantly surprised. Have you heard off Evita Bezuidenhout? At least that’s how i think it’s spelled. Also a guy who impersonates women and many other people. Really funny, except parts of it were in Afrikaans, and it was frustrating because everybody laughed their hardest and we were just sitting there. Oh, and Buckled was funny too, Indian comedy, I blogged about it here: http://www.joburgexpat.com/2011/08/white-folks-dont-watch-indian-comedy.html, see if you can see them when they’re here again. What I love best is that the prices for these type shows are always very reasonable here in Joburg. We’re going to watch Nick Rabinowitz (hailed as the only South African Jew speaking Xhosa) tomorrow night at Monte, sounds really funny from the trailiers I’ve seen…

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