Low tea? How oDD

Sometimes all this blogging pays off.  I had about 20 seconds of fame today.  People knew who I was…

…well kind of.  They called me Martina-in-Jozi, but what the hell?!  It’s kind of the same thing.  I had been invited by my favourite cafe ’round these parts – The oDD Cafe – to their inaugural Low Tea.  High tea as we know it, redesigned in the quirky oDD fashion.  They invited a whole bunch of Jozi bloggers and tweeters to be their guinea pigs and treated us to a veritable feast of herbal teas, mini sandwiches, cakes and pastries.  Oh, and Rooibos Sangria mmmmmm

Everyone knows what a high tea is, but who knows what a low tea is?  It is actually the old-fashioned term from the 1800’s for what we call high tea now.  oDD wanted to strip right down to the essentials and build up from there, giving old classics an oDD twist, and introducing us to some delicious new creations too.  A low tea was a suitable name for this fuss-free, unpretentious affair

Among the teas on offer were rooibos vanilla, peppermint, rose, blueberry and cherry.  There were homemade jams such as apple and lemon, naranja and beetroot and plum.  Chocolate and tamarind truffles, with flavoured sea salts to sprinkle on the top.  Mini banoffee pies in shot glasses, a cake made with green tea, pastries, scones…the list goes on and on

I got to meet a whole bunch of people that I chat with on Twitter regularly.  It was so awesome to put a face to the, er, twitter handle.  I stuffed my face with more cakes and tea than any sane person should, but it would be crazy to say no as everything was so delicious

oDD is just that and not that.  It is mismatched furniture all willy-nilly on the pavement to the front of the cafe.  It has grafitti above, and interesting art for sale inside.  It has a red phone box booth that reminds me of London and a cute bar.  The toilets share a unisex wash area with a cool chandelier and Marilyn Monroe artwork.  Yet, there is nothing odd about eating great food and receiving friendly service.  I love me the oDD burger!

Christina is the owner and creator of the oDD design concept.  She’s a genius as this place rocks.  I love to come here for lunch on a sunny day.  The cafe has been open since August 2010 and is not showing signs of fading out like some establishments round here clearly have, clinging onto their former glory before miserably closing their doors.  Every time that I have been here it is busy and has a great vibe

Do yourself a favour and get down to oDD for some decent grub.  They are open every day Monday: 7am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday: 7am – late, Sunday: 9am – 5pm.  Do yourself a bigger favour and get on the waiting list for their next Low Tea.  They are going to be held every 3 months and I can assure you, once word gets out they are going to be fully booked way in advance.  I’m going back, that’s for sure!


12 thoughts on “Low tea? How oDD

  1. Martiina – this sounds like a place I would love. And your photos are very professional. You could make a marketing brochure out of them! I’m glad you had such a good weekend.

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