About me

I’m on a 2 year adventure in South Africa and that is largely what this blog is about.  I want to show that Johannesburg is not the terrible place you read about in the news, but is a wonderful and exciting place to be for many people.  I’m living in Melville and loving every minute.

I hope that you enjoy reading about my experiences!

Thanks for stopping by


17 thoughts on “About me

  1. The girl, the boy and the two cats will have a great time, the boy will be a success, the girl I am very proud of and the cats are my little darlings and will be on an adventure of their very own! Can’t wait to read more as the adventure unfurls… x

  2. I will most certainly be coming to visit! Will you be on the same mob number? x

    p.s cats on the toilet, hilarious! love it and your house looks so cute! Swimming pool in your garden. AMAZING! x

    • Thanks Sarah. I love this place and almost didn’t move here as I could find nothing positive on the web. Hopefully someone will find my blog and it will help them decide on moving here – it’s the best thing that I ever did!

  3. Found you through Sarah of Nomad’s Land. LOVE the blog! So lovely to see a familiar city through someone else’s eyes! And I think your photos and writing are great 🙂

  4. Love that I found your blog- very interesting reads! I really enjoy learning about new places through the eyes on expats. Thank you for the great posts, looking forward to reading more! (I have two friends from south Africa and one of my best friends spent two weeks there!) Meg

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